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Silent Alert

This is SMART's system for alerting management of unethical or illegal behavior in the Company. This system, hosted by Global Compliance, accepts reports made anonymously concerning the following matters:

  1. Accounting, auditing and financial;
  2. Conflict of interest;
  3. Falsification of information;
  4. Fraud and embezzlement; and
  5. Securities violations.

We realize that it may be difficult or uncomfortable for some people to report unethical or illegal behavior, so SMART has established this option for communicating with management to encourage reporting these incidents anonymously.

Please familiarizing yourself with this reporting system and alert SMART of any unethical or illegal behavior so we have an opportunity to take appropriate action. Keep in mind that this system is operated by a third-party provider and is not an emergency service.

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Bruce Goldberg
Chief Legal and Compliance Officer