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Biography PhotoIain MacKenzie

Iain MacKenzie served as a director of SMART Global Holdings, Inc. since its inception in 2011 when it acquired substantially all of the equity interests of SMART Worldwide Holdings, Inc., a predecessor entity and now subsidiary of SMART Global Holdings. Mr. MacKenzie also served as a director of SMART Worldwide Holdings from April 2004 until June 2018. Mr. MacKenzie was President of SMART Modular Technologies, a subsidiary of SMART Global Holdings, since February 2002 and became Chief Executive Officer of SMART Worldwide Holdings in September 2005 and served as Chief Executive Officer of SMART Global Holdings from August 2011 until his retirement in June 2018. Previously, from 1998 to 2002, Mr. MacKenzie served as Vice President of Worldwide Operations through the sale of SMART Modular to Solectron Corporation (Solectron), an electronics manufacturing services provider, in November 1999, and its integration into Solectron’s Technology Solutions Business unit. Prior to that, Mr. MacKenzie was responsible for the formation and growth of SMART Modular Technologies (Europe) Ltd., and he served as its general manager from 1997 to 1998. Before joining SMART in 1997, Mr. MacKenzie held various management and leadership positions at other high technology corporations including Hughes Microelectronics, Ferrofluidics, Inc. (NH), Digital Equipment Corp. (semiconductor division), and Apricot Computers Ltd., which was acquired by Mitsubishi Company. Mr. MacKenzie currently serves as a director of Ichor Systems and a member of its Compensation Committee and Audit Committee. Mr. MacKenzie holds the Higher National Diploma in mechanical and production engineering and the Ordinary National Diploma in electrical/electronics engineering, both from the Kirkcaldy College of Technology (Fife University) in Scotland.