Impact of COVID-19 on Operations

In an effort to mitigate the spread of the virus and to protect the health and safety of the world's population, a variety of policies and restrictions have been implemented by various governmental authorities across the globe.

As your partner in the electronics supply chain, SMART employees and worldwide operations have refined and accelerated its business continuity plans to address the rapidly changing situation. SMART is taking measures focused on the well-being of its employees, while continuing to deliver products and services that our customers need.

With these measures in place, SMART's manufacturing facilities and operations throughout the world have seen minimal impact, to date, due to COVID-19. Moreover, SMART has an in-depth disaster recovery plan ready to be enacted if needed.

Infrastructure essential services

Status of Operations

Depending on each specific situation, and in compliance with the requirements of local authorities, SMART has directed segments of its global workforce to work remotely. These arrangements, already in place, have been made with a long range view to protect its employees by creating social distancing while maintaining a high level of service, now, and in the event of a prolonged realignment of business and personal conduct. Additionally, we have implemented travel restrictions for our employees and restricted visitors.

  • We have received official approval from government agencies to be able to operate during the international shutdowns.
  • Production moving to a four shift operation to reduce headcount per shift.
  • Shifting a portion of DRAM module builds to our Newark facility, in order to meet worldwide production demands.
  • Supply Chain Services is fully functional and can support all customers.
  • Only manufacturing employees are allowed to work within the facility.
  • All non-manufacturing employees are working remotely.
  • We have limited our facility visitors to the key contractors needed to keep the business running.
  • All visitors are screened for symptoms and travel history.

Hazard Mitigation and Workplace Safety

Preventative Measures

  • Individual temperature screening of all personnel entering buildings (either or both thermal scanning and gun thermometer).
  • We have limited the number of access points, to ensure all personnel will be individually scanned, prior to entering properties.
  • Social distancing is being enforced.
  • Hand sanitizer stations have been installed throughout all of our facilities.
  • Reminder signs have been located throughout the facilities.
  • All in-person meetings have been cancelled.
  • All manufacturing shifts have been scheduled to not overlap, and to allow time for sanitization of work areas when shifts are over.
  • Increased frequency of facilities cleaning.
  • Cleaning of designated "Hot Spots" such as door knobs, trolleys, laptops, restrooms, tables and phones, performed every two hours.
  • Face masks have been provided to all employees.
  • Bottles of disinfectant have been distributed to all employees for self-sanitizing of their workstations when they arrive to work, throughout the day, and prior to leaving.